Zimmerman Defense Waives January 8 Hearing

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On October 12, 2012, the Zimmerman defense filed a Motion to Schedule Standing Hearings to Address Discovery and Other Case Management Issues. In response to our motion, the Judge has pre-scheduled a number of hearings that can be used if the defense or the state has motions to bring before the court. The next pre-scheduled hearing was set for January 8; however, the defense and the state have agreed that there are currently no matters that can be appropriately addressed by the Court on that date, so we have chosen to waive the January 8 hearing. The next hearing is scheduled for February 5, and we anticipate there will be new motions put before the court in advance of that hearing date.

UPDATE 1/3/2013: Because the defense has waived the January 8 hearing, the Court has issued an Order Continuing Docket Sounding to February 5, 2013 and Cancelling January 8, 2013 Docket Sounding.