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I want to take a moment to clear up some of the confusion regarding the monies raised on Mr. Zimmerman’s website. My understanding is that there were three websites which had PayPal accounts attached to them. One or two of them were run by friends of Mr. Zimmerman, and then there was the web site , which George administered. Two accounts seem to have very little money in them, though I have not seen any records on those as they are not being administered by my client. Mr. Zimmerman’s former website and the PayPal attached to it raised approximately $200,000.00 over the period of time that it was up and running. Mr. Zimmerman was using this money, as mentioned on his website, for his ongoing living expenses and other necessary expenses based upon the charge and eventual arrest.

As I was ending any Internet presence George had, we removed any Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and websites. As we shut down the web site entitled my client asked what we should do about the outstanding fee monies in the PayPal account or that had been taken out of the PayPal account since its inception. George immediately gathered the funds that were in either his or his wife’s account, or the PayPal account, and has forwarded those funds to me presently. We are still awaiting a check from the PayPal company which takes several days.

I am also accomplishing a review of all of the monies in and expenses paid out of those accounts, so I will have that information by next week.

The large amount of money that has been raised to date for George’s defense, I believe, is a testament to the support for George as he goes through this most difficult time. Though the concept of a legal defense fund is quite unique, it serves a very valid purpose and gives an opportunity for people to show their support to Mr. Zimmerman.